SANTA FE – Guerilla LLC announces partnership with Santa Fe actor and filmmaker Robert I. Mesa to create the film, Chindi. Chindi is directed by Robert I. Mesa and written by Henry Valdez slated for filming in winter 2020. The New Mexico Fim Office awarded Robert I. Mesa with a grant to fund the project as part of the Senator John Pinto Memorial Fund.

Chindi tells a futuristic story about a woman in the year 2050 who sends her deceased husband’s mobile devices to a company that recreates an AI version of him using his data. However, after a few days she begins to feel like something is dangerously amiss.

The story encompasses the Navajo ghost tales of Chindi; the spirit left behind after a person dies. This spirit is everything terrible or evil about a person and leaves the body on the final breath of the deceased person. Chindi takes this ancient belief and blends it with a sci-fi horror setting.

“My goal as a multi-disciplinary artist is to make my voice heard, to empower others, and to reach my full potential through art, photography, acting, and directing. These different passions keep me evolving and diving deeper, executing my vision in new ways. I am a storyteller, and my photography has always been inspired by filmmaking, and my acting has been a healthy outlet to express my life so that others may have the courage to do the same,” said director Robert I. Mesa.

The project is currently in development.

Robert I. Mesa (Navajo and Soboba) Recently in “Sovereignty” at the Marin Theatre & “Crossing Mnisose” at The Armory in Portland, his TV credits include Tecumseh in “The Men Who Built America: The Frontiersman”, produced by Leonardo DiCaprio for the History Channel, “From Dusk Till Dawn: The Series”, and “Gunslingers”. He appears as Al Momaday in “N. Scott Momaday: Words From A Bear”, and as a voice in the game “Red Dead Redemption. Also a filmmaker, photographer and artist, Robert shows in markets at the Autry (LA), The Heard (Phoenix), the Santa Fe Indian Market, and galleries in Santa Fe, Shanghai, China and Bristol, U.K.

Henry Valdez is a writer and filmmaker from Santa Fe, NM. Henry recently wrote and directed the neo-noir short film, Nightdrop. The film premiered at the 2019 Santa Fe Independent Film Festival Audience Award and was a finalist for “Best Noir” at the 2019 Tokyo Genre Film Festival Section.