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Booksmart – Rewind/Rewatch

BlooksmartDirector: Olivia WildeStarring: Kaitlyn Dever & Beanie FeldsteinStreaming: Hulu There is a lot of trash out there when it comes to teen coming-of-age comedies, especially now with every streaming platform producing multiple ones a year. Booksmart stands out amongst its peers like an overachieving A+ student in a crappy public high school. Olivia Wilde nails […]

Bleed For This, the Movie for Quarantine Purgatory – Rewind/Rewatch

Bleed For This Director: Ben YoungerStarring: Miles Teller & Aaron EckhartStreaming: Netflix *Five minutes read time.Perhaps, there is no better movie to rewatch to help deal with the COVID-19 quarantine purgatory we currently live in than the comeback boxing movie, Bleed for This. Audience and critics alike bulldozed the film when it came out, giving […]