Nightdrop is an incredibly stylish neo-noir. With performances full of depth & regally bold use of nonlinear editing, it feels to me like the work of someone who understands cinema as art—allowing the film to really transcend the limitations of its budget.


Ou Phrontis Co.


Milton Riess

SFCC Department Head, Film Program

Booksmart – Rewind/Rewatch
BlooksmartDirector: Olivia WildeStarring: Kaitlyn Dever & Beanie FeldsteinStreaming: Hulu There is a lot of trash out there when it comes to teen coming-of-age comedies, especially now with every streaming platform producing multiple ones a year. Booksmart stands out amongst its peers like an overachieving A+ student in a crappy public high school. Olivia Wilde nails her directorial debut by capturing all the elements …
Bleed For This, the Movie for Quarantine Purgatory – Rewind/Rewatch
Bleed For This Director: Ben YoungerStarring: Miles Teller & Aaron EckhartStreaming: Netflix *Five minutes read time.Perhaps, there is no better movie to rewatch to help deal with the COVID-19 quarantine purgatory we currently live in than the comeback boxing movie, Bleed for This. Audience and critics alike bulldozed the film when it came out, giving it a 69% on Rotten Tomatoes but Bleed …
The Place Beyond The Pines -Rewind/Rewatch
Back in 2012, I felt like many film critics did about The Place Beyond The Pines, "ambitious to a fault." Something was amiss seeing the crime epic in the theaters, but I gave it another watch after noticing it is available on Netflix. I am blown away after rewatching the movie. It has slid into my top ten favorite neo-noirs of all time, …